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Mountain Ride

This weeks Teachings Tuesday is being offered by our dear friend and treasured Mentor, George Harris Jr. of Stz'uminus First Nation.

Nearing the end of 2023, my wife and I decided that we were going to get a truck. Our main purpose for the truck was to move firewood around our property. Hearing about our new vehicle, my cousin Candice George commented, “Now we can go for a ride up into the mountains.” I hadn't given it much thought, but I used to do that often in my high school days. Her suggestion lingered on my mind for the next few weeks.

On January 7, 2024, I had a strong urge to head for a ride into the mountains. I couldn’t describe why I wanted to go; all I knew is that I wanted to go. The day was perfect, the sun was out, and the roads were clear. We got to see a little snow in the mountains, but it wasn’t sticking.

I had been reflecting on the year that just passed and the things I had gone through. While we were up in the mountains, we stopped on a bridge to watch a few kayakers, but I was more focused on the water, the way it moved, and the way it sounded. It reminded me of the healing properties that our people find in moving waters. It got me thinking of our community call with BC Transit. My cousin Thomas George Jr shared some teachings around traditional bathing and how our people use this as self-care. After a few minutes, we moved on down the road and to a lake. The lake was so calm and peaceful; there was nothing on the lake, the view was perfect. While we were parked, it reminded me of a young lady I used to work with in my previous job. She had recently moved back home and was reconnecting back to her community and culture. Her family had taken her up into the mountains often for family time. This young lady had found healing in the mountains. I figure this is why I was called into the mountains that day; I needed to do some healing from the hardships that 2023 brought my way.

During our Community Call, we spoke about weighty subjects. Nearing the end, we discussed ways to promote healing. My time in the mountains connecting with nature was something I found that helped me heal a little. If anyone is going through some hardships, I encourage you to connect to nature; it has its own ways of healing your spirit.

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