Uy Shqwaluwun

Definition: a Hulquiminum word, meaning "good feelings"

Membership Benefits

Bringing 'Uy Shqwaluwun' to your Practice

I raise my hands to your desire to improve the cultural safety of your practice. Culturally Committed is here to support you on your journey.




Available For A Limited Time

  • Monthly virtual live workshops covering various topics related to Cultural Safety and Humility

  • Monthly Community Calls, where members can come together virtually -- ask questions and engage in dialogue with our Mentors

  • Access to the Culturally Committed Members Portal: a members site that houses the Workshop and Community Call Replay Library -- so even if you can't attend the live events, the replays will always be accessible for as long as you are a member.

  • Be included on the Culturally Committed Providers Map: a resource the general public can use to seek providers who are committed to improving the cultural safety of their practice

  • Access to the private Culturally Committed Members Facebook Group, where individuals can come together collectively, and share thoughts, ask questions, and share learning

  • Share your Culturally Committed identity on your advertising correspondence.***

  • ***Culturally Committed Providers are individuals who are demonstrating a commitment to improving the cultural safety of their practice through participation in the Culturally Committed Membership Program. A Culturally Committed Provider does not claim cultural competence or perfect practice, but rather demonstrates an attitude rooted in humbly acknowledging oneself as a lifelong learner and a commitment to improving the cultural safety of their services. It is Members responsibility to know and abide by the advertising regulations of their regulator. 

If you are interested in our workshops but aren't ready to commit to a Membership,

you can choose to register for a Culturally Committed Workshop Series.


(Workshop Series are INCLUDED in the Membership)

Upcoming Workshop

Three-Part Series Featuring
Kathi Camilleri

The Village

Part 1
Preparing For Our Journey Together
October 20 6pm PST

We will explore life in a traditional village before colonization in order to better understand how values impact relationships and increase collaboration.
Part 2
Colonization of the Village
November 17 6pm PST

 We will look at the history of colonization in North America through a non-blaming and non-shaming perspective. Participants will learn about resilience and acts of resistance during multiple waves of trauma.

Part 3
Our Reconciliation Journey
December 15 6pm PST

We will explore systemic racism and reconciliation, and discover how we can work together to change systems to improve equity.

Kathi Camilleri.jpeg

Kathi Camilleri facilitates experiential reconciliation workshops (Building Bridges Through Understanding the Village©) and strategic planning workshops (Paddling Together©) for diverse groups of people and organizations in communities across Canada and the U.S. Kathi’s work, including keynotes and webinars, is focused on the revival of culturally-based values in order to increase collaboration among all people.

"...Elders talk about how you never go to visit someone empty handed, meaning when you go to ask someone a question, you'd bring them an offering. A fish, a blanket, some beads, something."

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams 

Knowledge Keeper, Unceded Quw'utson Territory

At Culturally Committed, we are determined to do this work in a good way. This is why all of our workshop contributors receive compensation, and honorariums are provided to our incredible Mentors.

Phase 2 -- Tentatively Launched Winter 2021

  • Members will receive confidential feedback -- which will be collected from clients, submitted either through the website or to the dedicated email address managed by Culturally Committed. The intention is to support providers in becoming more attuned to how to offer culturally safe services, and will utilize feedback to implement adaptations to their practice.

  • Registered providers will be offered resources to promote their Culturally Committed identity:

    • a pin to provide a visual symbol to patients -- that their provider is committed to improving the cultural safety of their practice.

    • a window decal to affix on the door of the office.

    • Printable graphics to display in the office waiting room, to demonstrate registration in the Culturally Committed program, and to provide information on how it works.

    • Printable post-appointment handout cards with instructions, and a place to put the clinician(s) name(s) -- to aid in the feedback process.