Uy Shqwaluwun

Definition: a Hulquiminum word, meaning "good feelings"

Membership Benefits

Bringing 'Uy Shqwaluwun' to your Practice

I raise my hands to your desire to improve the cultural safety of your practice. Culturally Committed is here to support you on your journey.



This membership is for providers who offer direct services to Indigenous client. Providers will have the opportunity to promote their Culturally Committed identity via printed, physical, and digital resources, and will have access to client feedback that can be utilized to improve the cultural safety of their practice.

Active Ally

This membership is for individuals who are seeking opportunities to learn about cultural safety and humility, and wish to be active in their pursuit towards reconciliation.

Ally is an action word; it's not what you say  -- it's what you do.


If you are interested in our workshops but aren't ready to commit to a Membership,

you can choose to register for a Culturally Committed Workshop Series.


(Workshop Series are INCLUDED in the Membership)

Upcoming Workshop
Daniel Elliott
Stz'uminus First Nation
June 15 2022 ~ 6pm PST

Truth, Art, and Reconciliation

Through this 2-hour workshop, Artist Daniel Elliott of Stz'uminus First Nation will invite listeners to participate in a viewing of his celebrated collection, 'Winds of Change'. Dan will guide participants through an arc of emotional scenes – from beautiful pre-contact, to the impacts of colonization, to his vision of how reconciliation can happen.


“I think all Canadians need to stop and take a look and not look away. Yeah, it’s embarrassing, yeah, it’s an ugly part of our history. We don’t want to know about it. What I want to see from the [Truth and Reconciliation] Commission is to rewrite the history books so that other generations will understand and not go through the same thing that we’re going through now, like it never happened.”


Daniel Elliott is a drug and alcohol counsellor, artist, and cultural worker and was born into the the Stz'uminus People on Vancouver Island. Dan has brought culture to many seeking it -- first in the Nanaimo public school system, and then to the Indigenous inmates of Nanaimo Correctional Centre. Now Dan supports those in his community seeking a healing path away from drug and alcohol use. He actively and frequently facilitates smudges, sweat lodges, and traditional cooking classes.

Dan Horizontal_edited.jpg

"...Elders talk about how you never go to visit someone empty handed, meaning when you go to ask someone a question, you'd bring them an offering. A fish, a blanket, some beads, something."

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams 

Knowledge Keeper, Unceded Quw'utson Territory

At Culturally Committed, we are determined to do this work in a good way. This is why all of our workshop contributors receive compensation, and honorariums are provided to our incredible Mentors.