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This membership is for providers who offer direct services to Indigenous client. Providers will have the opportunity to promote their Culturally Committed identity via printed, physical, and digital resources, and will have access to client feedback that can be utilized to improve the cultural safety of their practice.

Active Ally

This membership is for individuals who are seeking opportunities to learn about cultural safety and humility, and wish to be active in their pursuit towards reconciliation.

Ally is an action word; it's not what you say  -- it's what you do.

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Please send an email to to learn about our Dedicated Learning Circles.

Truth, Resilience, and Reconciliation

A self-paced, three part learning series hosted by Culturally Committed Consulting Mentor, Jenn Smith of Tlowisis First Nation..


If you are interested in our workshops but aren't ready to commit to a Membership,

you can choose to register for a Culturally Committed Workshop Series.


(Workshop Series are INCLUDED in the Membership)

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Remembering Keegan

With Rhianna Millman of Métis

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST

Rhianna Millman is a citizen of Métis Nation British Columbia with ancestry from the Red River Settlement in what is today called Manitoba. She is the family advocate for Keegan Combes and co-author of "Remembering Keegan: a BC First Nations Case Study Reflection" developed in partnership with First Nations Health Authority, Office of the Chief Medical Officer. Grounded in ceremony, Remembering Keegan was gifted by Keegan’s family and community to the BC healthcare system as a learning tool to help shape the Cultural Safety and Humility transformation required in BC.

Rhianna has raised awareness and advocated for accountability, change, and transparency so that what happened to Keegan never happens to anyone else. Remembering Keegan is the first case study reflection in the province ever shared by BC First Nations and is being used by health organizations across the country to further learning and action in Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, and anti-Indigenous racism. Rhianna serves as the Indigenous Cultural Safety and Humility Consultant with BC College of Nurses and Midwives where she is the first leadership level Indigenous employee within BC’s largest regulatory college. Rhianna works everyday to advance the commitments made to eliminate Indigenous-specific racism within BCCNM and throughout the BC Health System.

"...Elders talk about how you never go to visit someone empty handed, meaning when you go to ask someone a question, you'd bring them an offering. A fish, a blanket, some beads, something."

Jared Qwustenuxun Williams 

Knowledge Keeper, Unceded Quw'utson Territory

At Culturally Committed, we are determined to do this work in a good way. This is why all of our workshop contributors receive compensation, and honorariums are provided to our incredible Mentors.

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