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Culturally Committed with Carmen George

Carmen George is a certified dental assistant who was born into the Penelakut people of Vancouver Island. In this video she explains challenges faced related to access to care, intergenerational trauma, and her own reflections growing up with a parent who attended residential school. Carmen also discusses how healthcare workers can improve the patient experience for First Nations peoples, and shares how providers can engage with nations to offer services in community.

Culturally Committed with Ethel Henry

Ethel Henry is a registered dental hygienist who was born into the Laichwiltach people of Campbell River on Vancouver Island. In this video she shares how her family was able to continue the knowledge transfer of cultural traditions during the time when practicing culture was illegal. She also shares her philosophies around patient care, and the techniques she brings to her practice to ensure her patients experience the highest levels of cultural safety and humility while receiving health services.

Culturally Committed with Dan Elliott

Kim sits down with Dan, a drug and alcohol counselor from Stz'uminus First Nation on Vancouver Island. Dan shares his knowledge around land acknowledgements, impacts of residential school, and things health providers can do to make the patient experience feel more safe.

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