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Since 2014 I've been honoured to deliver care to Indigenous Peoples living in the most remote areas of British Columbia. My experiences have opened my eyes to the barriers faced when engaging in health services -- obstacles that are not only geographic: trauma and fear play a significant role in preventing individuals from getting the support they desperately need.

As clinicians, it is our responsibility to create an environment wherein our patients feel safe, supported, and heard. Where they can ask questions and have them answered to their understanding. We need to break down the hierarchy between clinician and patient, and create reciprocal relationships that are built on a foundation of respect and understanding. We need to offer practices that are culturally safe.

The purpose of Culturally Committed is threefold: first, it creates a pathway for client feedback, so providers can learn what Indigenous Peoples want and need to create trusting relationships. Second, it provides a list of providers who are demonstrating a desire to offer culturally safe services, so clients can choose offices where they know cultural safety is a priority. Finally, we offer ongoing learning opportunities, facilitated by mentors, Elders, and experts in the field of cultural safety and humility, with the intention of supporting providers in expanding their knowledge around cultural practices, barriers to care, and to educate on what safe care looks and feels like to Indigenous Peoples. 

Kim Trottier

Founder, Culturally Committed

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