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Cultivating Culturally Safe Care

What is Culturally Committed?

Our Vision: Connecting Indigenous Peoples with providers who demonstrate a commitment to improving the cultural safety of their practice.


What We Do

Client Feedback

At Culturally Committed, we understand that striving towards cultural humility is a lifelong endeavour, and we want to engage the Indigenous community in the process of mentoring providers. This is why we seek feedback from clients -- so we can show providers what safe care looks like to Indigenous Peoples.


For Providers

We believe that developing cultural humility is a lifelong journey -- that is why we offer resources and learning opportunies to deepen your knowledge and understanding.


Culturally Committed Provider Registry 

We offer a registry of providers that strive to improve services for Indigenous clients. Applicants must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving their cultural safety through workshops, seminars, and education.


For those wishing to begin their learning journey:

We offer bimonthly learning sessions with Indigenous Elders, Mentors, and Knowledge Keepers, providing you with a safe space to learn and ask questions.


Elder Ray Tony Charlie of Penelakut

A Working Definition of

Cultural Safety


Cultural safety is both an environment and an approach to care that is defined as “safe” by those who are impacted by the services they are receiving. 

Home: Feedback Form

Are you a provider who:

  • Recognizes that systemic racism exists in healthcare system and beyond?


  • Humbly acknowledges that you may have learning to do around the subject of cultural safety and humility?


  • Is open and willing to integrate teachings and feedback into your practice?


  • Is committed to creating a safe place for Indigenous patients, ultimately improving health outcomes for Indigenous Peoples?

If you answer "Yes!" to the above questions, we invite you to link arms with other Culturally Committed Providers. 

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I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of those who have guided my (occasionally misguided) intentions as I've deepened my understanding of cultural safety and humility. I raise my hands to all of the Elders, teachers, community members, colleagues, and acquaintances who've become the closest of friends. 

I'd also like to acknowledge the amazing photographer who captured the images shared on this page: the incredibly talented and ridiculously humble Ryan Dawson, from Dzawada'unuxw First Nation. Ryan, I am so grateful our paths have crossed.


Huy ch q'u siem

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