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Hibernation Season

On December 23, I noticed the Canada Post van stop in front of my house, and the postal worker run up to my door with a parcel in hand. When I opened the door, I was stunned to receive a very unexpected package: an Indigenous Box. Indigenous Box is a subscription gifting service that provides purchasers with the opportunity to receive seasonal boxes, purchase a single box, or gift a box to someone else. The boxes are filled with a curated collection of beautiful Indigenous made items; I've admired them for some time but have never ordered one for myself.

The theme of the winter box is "Hibernation” and is a reminder of the importance of turning inward during this time of year. It marks a time to rest. To restore. To connect with loved ones and share quiet time. This past year has marked a level and pace that I have not previously experienced in my life. As I navigate balancing my full-time role as a Dental Therapist while simultaneously pouring my heart and soul into Culturally Committed, I recognize that I can at times lose a sense of balance in my personal life. This beautiful box reminded me of the importance of this time. Honouring oneself. Reconnecting by disconnecting. Allowing myself to be blanketed in silence and stillness.

As I peered into the contents of my gift, I was excited to see Richard Wagamese's novel, "Embers: One Ojibways Meditations" nestled in the beautiful packaging. And so, on Christmas afternoon, I poured myself a cup of tea, curled up under a blanket in front on my fireplace, and peeled the pages open. One meditation in the novel jumped off the page for me, and I wanted to share it with you here.

"I am not created or re-created by the noise and clatter of my life, by the rush and scurry, the relentless chase or the presumption that more gets more. No, I am created and re-created by moments of stillness and quiet. I am struck richer by a pure solitude that allows me to feel the world around me and lean into my place in it. I am not the rush of words in my life's narrative. I am its punctuation. Its pauses and stops. I am my ongoing recharge; in this silence I am reborn."

And so, this week we at Culturally Committed are choosing to honour the silence, recognizing the importance of allowing ourselves time for quiet. We wish you peace this holiday season.

In learning,

Kim at Culturally Committed

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